Landscape & Lighting

Great landscapes last. They become part of the tradition you create for your home or business. At Gerbert & Sons, we’ve been making beautiful landscapes for more than 70 years. We understand how to merge innovative landscape design, plants, masonry, lighting and lawn maintenance to create beautiful, memorable landscapes.

As a family-owned business since 1945, we’re part of a few traditions ourselves. We still work on many of the landscapes our father created decades ago. From the start, we have had a tradition of emphasizing an organic approach to gardening and lawn care. Like previous Gerbert generations, we recognize that some of the world’s most enduring landscapes have been “green” all along.

Contact us today to get started on your beautiful landscape solution.

Lighting Design

Don’t let the sun set on your beautiful property. Gerbert & Sons provides full-service lighting design and installation services. We use cool white, low voltage, energy efficient L.E.D. lights to blend seamlessly into your space, creating a natural, soft glow. Give us a call today to discuss your your options.

Landscape & Lighting Services

Whether you are planning a whole new landscape design or adding to the landscape border you currently have, let our Design Professionals create the perfect landscape for you.
Our lawn care professionals at Gerbert & Sons will keep your lawn and all its edges neat and tidy.
Seasonal color in your landscape border or in containers provides a warm welcome to you and your guests. Let our Landscape Professionals liven up your landscape for every season!
Transplanting is one of the most important parts of a thriving landscape border. We use organic fertilizers when we transplant to reduce transplanting shock and low plant vigor.
At Gerbert & Sons, our Lightscape professionals can enhance every feature of your property and home with outdoor lighting.
Our environmentally friendly deer sprays keep deer away safely and effectively. Professional application insures quality control and prevents waste and improper use.
Ticks should be the last thing you think about when outside with your family. Our organic tick spray is safe for the environment and will not harm your family pet either.
Grubs (usually Japanese beetle larvae) are born under the grass and eat the roots, causing the grass to dry out and turn brown. Dead patches of grass may mean it’s time for an organic lawn treatment. We’ll also help with prevention and maintenance suggestions.