Water is essential for a healthy landscape. Gerbert & Sons offers irrigation services that take advantage of state-of-the art conservation methods while delivering effective results. We are well-known across Fairfield County and beyond for expertly designed, installed, and maintained sprinkler systems. We help ensure that your landscape stays beautiful over time.

Gerbert & Sons can also help retrofit existing irrigation systems to help them perform better. We’ll consult with you on different irrigation methods, including drip systems. We’ll set up rain gauges so your irrigation system works in concert with Mother Nature, instead of against her. We’ll visit in the fall to winterize your system then, we’ll be back in the spring to get the water flowing to your lawn and shrubs.

Give your landscape the gift of water. Contact us.

Our Irrigation Specialists install systems that fit the environment. Lawns and landscapes have very different water requirements so we separate those in particular.
Gerbert & Sons uses state-of-the-art products that can be utilized through wi-fi and central computerized monitoring systems.
We can retrofit an older system that may need updating to exist along with a new or current system.
Drip irrigation concentrates the water to where the plants want it. At the roots! Drip systems help decrease plant diseases and increases plant vigor.
A well thought-out design, along with soil improvement, careful watering, use of mulches and proper selection of plant material can make a big difference in your water usage.
Our Irrigation Professionals will turn off the water and blow out the system to avoid costly charges from pipes cracking in the winter.
Smart Irrigation Controllers can tell when it is raining or if there is sufficient moisture in the ground.